Hats of Faith

A beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering.

Hats of Faith

A beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering.

Using accurate terminology, phonetic pronunciations and bright, beautiful imagery, Hats of Faith helps educate and prepare young children and their parents for our diverse modern world

“This book is very important for the younger generation as its reflects the diversity of the UK and encourages social integration in a multicultural society.”

Rozina Ahmed, London, Mayor’s Office

“I love Hats of Faith because it sends a message of unity and equality at a time when we need it most.”

Mum to Kamran (age 5)

“Finally a book I can give out as presents to children, knowing that they will learn about diversity at the same time as reading a beautiful book!”

Zohra Khaku

“I am so excited about Hats Of Faith! As parents, we have a huge responsibility to teach our children about love, tolerance, unity and diversity.”

Maxine Leslau

“As an African Christian who likes wearing colourful head wraps, I loved seeing that the African head wrap was included in the book.”

Ijeoma O

“Hats of Faith should definitely be incorporated in schools as it is a beautiful and important educational tool that teaches children about different faiths and practices.”

Rozina Ahmed, London Mayor’s Office

 “This book can help us as parents to build a tolerant and peaceful society for the next generation.”

Omar, father of four

“It’s wonderful to see Sikh head covering customs represented in this beautifully illustrated book, which sparks curiosity and introduces young people to the diversity of cultures and religions in the world.”

Manjinder Hothi

“I look forward to seeing this book in schools and homes so we can teach our young generation tolerance and respect of world religions and people of faith.”

Sabah Gilani

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Support & Materials 

Interfaith Education Toolkit

The learning doesn’t have to end when you close your book. Download our free Interfaith Education Kit with helpful information, useful tips and fun activities to help bring Hats of Faith to life for your little ones.

School Workshop Tour

Enjoy Hats of Faith in your very own classroom delivered by our education specialists this spring with our FREE UK Workshop Tour.

Show and Tell

If you’ve developed your own lesson plans and teaching tools around the book we want to see them. Please share your ideas, examples and experiences with us to inspire other educators.