Interfaith Education Toolkit

Our FREE Interfaith Education Kit was specially designed with educators and parents in mind to enhance the learning experience for curious young minds.


Hats of Faith is a great starting point for a discussion about interfaith diversity with your little ones, but if you’d like some additional information to help bring the book to life and expand the conversation then check out our education toolkit.

We worked with religious experts from each faith to make sure that all the information included in our kit was accurate and clear to support parents and educators to get the most out of the Hats of Faith book.

Within this FREE kit you’ll find the following downloadable materials:

  • More information for curious minds
  • 10 Questions to encourage expand the conversation
  • 3 colouring sheets based on illustrations from the book
  • 1 memory card game featuring each head covering in the book

* Please note, our Education Kit is not to be used for resale or commercial use.

Education Toolkit

Get answers to tricky questions and expand the conversation about head covering beyond the book with our free, fun education kit inclusive of additional information and engaging activities.

  • We’re happy for you to access our Interfaith Education Kit for free and all we ask in return is that you answer a few quick questions for us. We're keen to know who you are and how you're using our materials so that we can continue to develop and improve them.

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