We’ve tried to think of everything you might like to know and answer every question we’ve ever been asked about the book here.
What age group is this book for?
This book is ideal for children 1 – 6 years old, but with the addition of our free digital teaching tools and support materials the book can lend itself to an older audience.
Which faiths are included in the book?
Hats of Faith features Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Rastafarian head coverings in 9 beautiful illustrations.
Was any research done for this book?

SO MUCH! More than is probably necessary for a 12-page book with less than 150 words!

We started with the internet which is full of interesting and wildly inconsistent and often inaccurate information. Then we got serious. We reached our religious experts, scholars, curators, faith leaders from around the globe and cross-referenced, checked and rechecked our facts. And at the end of all this work, we had a first version of the book that was much more detailed and in-depth on the subject but was nowhere near appropriate for our young audience.

Then we went back to the drawing board. We realised that we were trying to communicate complex concepts to people with a limited understanding of the world and that we’d need to boil it right down. But that was easier said than done. It’s like that great Churchill quote,  If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”
Writing a shorter simpler book meant having to make some pretty big statements and we needed to get them right. So we went back to our research and experts and tried again. The book you see now (version 27) is the outcome of nearly a years worth of work. It was no mean feat, but we think we got there in the end. We hope you agree!
Why do you call faith-based head coverings hats in this book?

The title of this book was chosen with the greatest of care and consideration. Extensive time was given to discussing and analysing the title with our advisors, religious scholars from all the faiths included, as well as very experienced mentors in the publishing and education sectors. 

We language tested several alternative titles for accessibility before ultimately deciding to go with our current title, Hats of Faith as the appropriate entry-level introduction to faith-based head coverings. 

We are committed to covering this subject in more depth within our teaching materials and explaining in detail what makes faith-based head coverings special and different from fashion-based caps and hats.

Why didn’t you include other head coverings in the book?
Making these kinds of decisions are never easy and there were many many different head coverings considered for inclusion in early versions of the book.

The goal with the book was always to celebrate the more commonly seen religious head coverings and to tell a story of the shared custom across many faiths. This meant firstly separating culture and faith, which is never easy and also not including head coverings that might be worn inside a house of faith, but not out in plain view. We also eliminated those who wear faith-based head coverings as a uniform, such as nuns as this felt like a different category. Finally, we wanted to ensure a good spread of different faiths in the book and were conscious not to focus too much on one particular faith group

We hope to one day be able to include other head coverings in future editions.

How can I organise a workshop, a reading or another event?

Contact us at hello@hatsoffaith.com with your interest and location information and we’ll see what we can do to be there.

What size is the book?
Hats of Faith is a sturdy board book (good for rough babies and toddlers) and is 12 pages long. It measures 18cm x 18cm x 1.2cm (a.k.a  7 inches x 7 inches x .5 inches approximately).
What are my payment options?
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How long does shipping take?
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*Please note T-shirts and harmony cookie cutters will arrive separately to the book.

Can I send a book to a location other than my billing address?

Sure thing. This book makes a great gift so long as it’s not a P.O. Box address, we’re very happy to deliver Hats of Faith to any addresses you provide during the checkout process. You can also post to multiple addresses in a single order.

What’s your return policy?
Our goal is for you to be happy with our book. We try hard to describe and showcase our products clearly so that you can be confident about your purchase, but we realise that from time to time things just don’t work out. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you can return the book to us for a full refund, however, T-shirts and Harmony Cookie Cutters are not refundable unless damaged.

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How can I track my order?
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Can I order trade or wholesale?
Sure thing. Minimum orders for wholesale are 1 carton of 52 books (weight per carton is 14.5kg).

Please contact us at wholesale@shade7.co.uk. We’d be happy to help.

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